Baby marrow Soup

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Baby marrow, Soups
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Baby Marrow Soup (7)

My mother has an amazing collection of recipes. One of my winter favourites is this delicous soup. This soup brings back so many awesome memories, helping my mother in the kitchen cutting and dicing the baby marrows. We could never wait till it’s ready to be served. Make enough as you will be going for seconds…

Prep time: 1 Hour

12,5 ml Oil
1 Onion chopped
750 g Baby Marrow, sliced
Lemon juice to taste
500ml Chicken stock
1 tin (405 g) Cream of Chicken soup
250 ml Fresh cream
50 ml Grated Cheddar cheese

In a frying pan, sweat of the onions in oil till they soft. Add in all the baby marrows, lemon juice and chicken stock. Simmer till the marrows are soft. Add the chicken soup, cream and cheese. Bring to boil. Let it cool for a bit and then pulp it with a hand blender or put in a food processor.

Flavour to taste with Black Pepper.

20130421-093228.jpgBaby Marrow Soup (3)Baby Marrow Soup (4)Baby Marrow Soup (6)

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