During my schooling career, I’ve never really made a concrete decission on what I want to be when I grow-up however, I’ve always had a great passion and interest in food and what happens in the kitchen including hosting dinner parties. From a very young age, my mother made sure that all her children know their way around the kitchen where I found myself experimenting infroint of the stove top most of the time.

One of my parent’s friends had a Guest House and Catering company and I enjoyed assisting her when she had a function to host and cater for. Instead o it feling like work, I honestly enjoyed the rush of getting everything together in time for the guests to arrive and see them enjoying every bite of food they had. What an awesome pat on the back for a job welldone…

At the end of 1996 I finished my schooling carreer and still had no idea of what I’m going to do with my life. My parents were willing to pay for studies at a University but I told them that I still had no idea what to study and rather save their money. I started working in a Coffee shop in Melville as a waiter. I quickly realised that I have a natural flair with customers and soon was propmoted to Manager. I met amazing people and enjoyed the interaction with the regulars. One thing I did however notice was that a Coffee Shop kitchen is NOT where I wanted to be. I had dreams of becoming a chef but this kitchen just did not help at all. After a few years I moved on and drifted from Restuarant to Restaurant, never really finding the spark or passion that I needed to make a final decission on what I wanted to do.

I left the restaurant industry for a few years and submirged myself in the Corporte world working for a telecoms company. I was really bad at this. I was not motivated and did not really see myself doing this as a career. I eventually moved to Cape Town, found another position at another telecoms company which paid the bills. Once again, NO PASSION at all. I have however managed to find inner peace with who and what I am and I will always be very greatfull for this experience. During my stay in Cape Town, I eventually found myself back in the Restaurant industry, working in a few restaurants. I saw this period as my “working holiday”.

In 2001 I decided to return back to Johannesburg and found a waitering position at a Multi Award Winning restuarant, The Singing Fig in Norwood. Here I found the passion I so wanted. I soon became Head Waiter and soon after assistant restaurant Manger. Here I saw proper chefs in action, creating brilliant dishes which made customers come back time and time again. I was in my elment learning how to combine food and wine. Two years later I became General Manager and minority Partner. We did several menu changes, creating new and exciting menu items, hosting food and wine tastings, functions, dinner partie and weddings. I felt at home. In 2006 we decided it’s time to move on and Sold the restuarant.

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